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We Understand Your Needs

We understand that Litigation Funders, Law Firms and Individuals alike, need things done quickly, accurately and for the best price possible. Therefore, strong relationships throughout widespread networks, means you’ll get a quick turnaround and some of the most competitive terms in the market.

We arrange litigation insurance for anything from small business disputes to complex commercial cases and provide cover ranging from $100,000 to multi-million dollars.

So, you don’t need to ‘shop around’ doing all the extra leg work, we will take care of everything for you.

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Meet The Team

Our vast network of major insurers, funders and law firms means you have access to the best available in Australia and overseas. The Vie Legal Insurance team have been involved in the Legal Insurance industry almost since its inception, therefore there is little we can’t get the answer for. The founder of Vie, Sarah Hawksworth brings her extensive knowledge from the UK, where litigation insurance is huge, meaning we have expertise in many jurisdictions.

We work with a range of law firms such as Phi Finney McDonald, Maddison Marcus and Accident Claims Lawyers, plus leading funders in the market, such as: Therium, Litigation Lending Services and Court House Capital . This means you’ll be connected to the most effective partnerships for you and your case.

If a legal dispute has merit, we will connect you with the right people and product to help see that claim come to fruition.

Solicitors, what’s in it for You?

  • Providing the best access to justice for your clients by helping to mitigate their financial risk on a non-recourse basis. Calm client = happy lawyer.
  • More strong cases to work on that wouldn’t otherwise be brought due to financial limitations.
  • No need to work on no win, no fee.
  • Improved cash-flow for law firms – we can access funding for lawyer’s fees and disbursement fees (this includes counsel’s fees, expert reports, administrative costs).
  • Enables you to offer contingency fees with a reduction of financial risk.
  • Access to our specialist knowledge at no extra cost .*

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Our aim is to reduce or eliminate the financial risk of
litigation, get in touch to see how we can help.

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