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If your matter is urgent, we suggest calling us direct on (02) 8046 6861. If you have not made an application for ATE insurance or funding in the past, we would recommend you arranging a time to discuss your requirements with us. To arrange a time to speak to us please click here.

However, if you would prefer to proceed without speaking to us first or you have made an application for ATE insurance or funding, please follow the instructions below and someone will be in touch shortly:

Download Application Form

  1. Download application form
  2. Complete Form
  3. Email to


Please read before submission:

Answer all questions – if not applicable, or data currently unknown, please include relevant reason.

Where possible, do not cross reference documents and instead include the information in the application form.

Supporting documents will need to lodged with your application form. Some examples of supporting documents are:

Please note, this is not exhaustive nor meant as tick list detailing what you must provide. Some documents may be irrelevant or unavailable at this time

If the supporting documents combined are in excess of 100 pages, please only enclose the documents you think are pertinent to the legal case and provide a list of all documents available. This will ensure your application is dealt with by the insurers and funders in the shortest possible time.

Case summary must be included in all applications. An alternative to a case study (e.g. instructions to Counsel, advice from Counsel*) can be used but must cover all points below:

  • A brief overview of the case (background details and facts).
  • A chronology of events.
  • The causes of action.
  • Why your legal team believe your case has merit.
  • The defendant’s position (if the case is at an early stage and the defendant’s position is not known, we ask that your legal team try to pre-empt the potential defence).
  • What steps to date, if any, have been taken to ascertain the defendant’s financial standing.

*provided no material changes have been made to the case since the document was produced.