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Funding, we manage the risk of loss

Funding mitigates your risk - if a claim is unsuccessful, the funder loses the monies, not you. Our strong relationships with key funders coupled with our expert knowledge on how to position your case, puts you in the best position for a positive result.

A TPF (Third Party Funding) invests finance to fund a legal dispute in return for a share of the proceeds recovered. Therefore, the TPF takes on the risk of losing, so you or your client don’t have to.


We Have The Solution For You

  • Individual Cases.
  • Disbursement funding / and or own costs.
  • Scheme funding.
  • Law firm portfolio funding.

Third Party Funding (TPF)

  • Funded on a non-recourse basis - you will pay nothing if you are unsuccessful.
  • TPF can be used in conjunction with ATE Insurance or as a standalone product.
  • Your opponent will take you seriously, TPFs only take on meritorious claims. The legal action is unlikely to be stifled by lack of funds when a TPF is involved.
  • Cash flow security for law firms - spend your money on your core business.
  • A positive outcome is more likely, especially during settlement negotiations.
  • Usually, no upfront payment is required, the TPF will receive a percentage of the award from the claim.
  • Cash flow security for law firms who will be offering contingency fees.

Types of Cases Covered

  • Insolvency
  • Class Actions
  • Arbitrations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Contract Disputes
  • Competition law
  • All Other Civil Litigation.

For More Information

Our aim is to reduce or eliminate the financial risk of
litigation, get in touch to see how we can help.

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